Colleet Beavi9 improves vitality and immunity

Colleet Beavi9 - Improve Immunity and Vitality

COLLEET BEAVI9 is a treasure trove of premium natural herbs and ingredients carefully handpicked across Asia and Japan that help to boost vitality and immunity. Suitable for almost everyone and also a great gifting!

Specially formulated by R&D experts and backed by science.

Manufactured by a renowned lab in Taiwan - certified by NSF, ISO22000, ISO9001, HACCP, GMP and FDA

How to consume
  • 1 box contains 15 sachets
  • Regular maintenace: Take 1 stick after the first meal
  • Intensive Boost: Take 2 sticks daily. For post-op recovery & post-pregnancy care: 2 sticks after the first meal

Why Colleet Beavi9
  • No added preservatives & artificial colouring
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Complied with Halal guidelines
  • Vegan-friendly & Cruelty-free

9 Key Ingredients


  • Siberian Ginseng Extract 刺五加
  • Codonopsis Extract 党参
  • Goji Berry Extract 枸杞
  • Patent Black Pepper Complex 专利黑胡椒复合物
  • Rhodiola Extract 红景天
  • Eucommia Leaf Extract 杜仲叶提取
  • Patent Yuzu Seed Extract 专利柚子籽提取
  • Beetroot Extract 红甜菜根粉
  • Jujube Extract 红枣

Multiple Benefits in 1 Product

  • Contains powerful antioxidants that help to protect & boost the immunity system
  • Improves vitality & enhances blood circulation
  • Boosts energy level & reduces fatigue level
  • Helps to enhance muscle recovery
  • Strengthens the body & improves stamina
  • Keep body warm through the process of thermogenesis & prevents cold hands & feet
  • Improves metabolism & nutrition absorption

Join us on this journey to Vitality today!