COLLEET Beavi9 (15 Sticks)

  • $69.00 SGD

Beavi9 is a treasure trove of premium natural herbs and ingredients carefully handpicked across Asia and Japan that help to boost vitality and immunity. Suitable for almost everyone and also a great gifting.

  • Manufactured by a renowned lab in Taiwan - certified by NSF, ISO22000, ISO9001, HACCP, GMP and FDA

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How to consume

  • 1 box contains 15 sticks
  • Regular Maintenance: Take 1 sachet after first meal (1 box - 15 days supply)
  • Intensive Treatment: Take 2 sticks daily
  • For post-op surgery or post-pregnancy care: Take 2 sticks after first meal


  • Renowned lab in Taiwan with over 20 years of experience
  • High-quality control including raw material evaluation
  • Certified with ISO, HACCP, GMP, FDA and NSF
  • In-house Halal Laboratory

    Why choose COLLEET Beavi9?

    • Contains powerful antioxidants that help to protect & boost the immunity system
    • Improves vitality & enhances blood circulation
    • Boosts energy level & reduces fatigue level
    • Helps to enhance muscle recovery
    • Strengthens the body & improves stamina
    • Keep body warm through the process of thermogenesis & prevents cold hands & feet
    • Improves metabolism & nutrition absorption

    Why makes COLLEET Beavi9 special?

    • No added preservatives & artificial colouring
    • No artificial sweeteners
    • Complied with Halal guidelines
    • Vegan-friendly & Cruelty-free

    9 Key Ingredients

    Siberian Ginseng Extract 刺五加

    (Known as 'the king of vitalising')

      • Invigorate Qi, boost 
      • vitality and energy level
      • Enhances hypoxia tolerance, strengthens the body and reduces fatigue
    • Helps control high blood pressure, high choleesterol, and high blood sugar - Hyperglycemia

    Codonopsis Extract 党参

    (A well-known TCM herb - Improves Qi)

        • Replenishes vital energy for the treatment of palpitation and shortness of breath
        • Relieve chronic coughs and increases white & red blood cells
      • Improves overall oxygen activity and Qi

      Goji Berry Extract 枸杞

      (Rich in β-Carotene, Vita E, Flavonoids and Polysaccharide)

        • Enhances circulation, reduces body heat, alleviates rheumatism
        • Enhances the hematopoietic functions - Improves blood circulation
      • Improves eye health and reduces inflammation

      Patent Black Pepper Complex 专利黑胡椒复合物

      (Rich in piperine - Bioenhancer)

        • Keeps the body warm through the process of thermogenesis
        • Prevent cold hands and feet
        • Increase metabolism rate
      • Boosts the absorption rate of nutrients in our body

      Rhodiola Extract 红景天

      (Tibetan's secret nourishing formula - Contains Rhodioloside)

        • Helps Mitochondria synthesize energy that boosts vitality and strengthens the body
        • Increases oxygen saturation levels for better physical endurance - Increase stamina
      • Combats fatigue caused by stress

      Eucommia Leaf Extract 杜仲叶提取

      (Contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory constituents)

        • Strengthens the muscles, and relieves lower back pain
        • Nourishes the kidney and boosts blood circulation
        • Increase stamina and boost immunity
        • Reduces oxidation and maintains physiological functions
      • Mild anti-aging properties