Colleet Calorid Flush

  • $69.00 SGD

Made in Taiwan, Singapore Brand

Thoughtfully crafted to promote a self-sustaining detoxification process for your body, our formula harmoniously blends 10 premium active ingredients, with an added 15 billion probiotics meticulously selected to enhance gut health and stimulate your digestive system to function autonomously.

This precise combination of ingredients works synergistically to promote appetite balance, cultivate a thriving gut microbiome, redefine gut vitality, optimize digestion, and fortify your inner wellness.

How to consume

1 Box 20 Sachets
▪️ To improve gut health and regular bowel movements, consume 1 sachet daily (Mix with 150ml of water)
▪️ For individuals seeking maintenance, consume 1 sachet on alternate days. (Mix with 150ml of water)
▪️ Consume immediately upon opening to prevent oxidation and maintain freshness

▪️ Promotes regular bowel movements and alleviate constipation
▪️ Optimises digestion and 5 effectively mitigates symptoms of indigestion
▪️ Maintains a harmonious and varied gut microbiota for sustained well-being
▪️ Reduces water retention, aiding in natural detoxification processes for internal cleansing
▪️ Enhances satiety and support more effective weight management by elevating metabolism
▪️ Designed with a focus on stomach comfort and gentleness

Within 2 weeks:
▪️ Initial Foundation for Transformation
▪️ Smoother Bowel Movements,
▪️ Gentle on the Stomach Lighter and Improved Digestion

Within 3-4 weeks:
▪️ Regulated Digestive Rhythm
▪️ Reduced Bloating and Enhanced Overall Well-being
▪️ Synergistic Support for Gut Health

Within 6-8 weeks:
▪️ Sustained Improvement in Bowel Movements Reduced Water Retention
▪️ Clearer Sense of Inner Balance
▪️ Long-Term Benefits for Radiant Health