Cavilla Mix & Match Bundle

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Eyes play an important role in makeup. Without a proper makeup details on the eyes, consider your makeup is only half done. This is why we love to have our eyes to be charming, moist and beam with joy and beauty. It is a norm for girls to have the eyes to look bigger and more attractive.

It contains a variety of nutrients for growing lash & hair. It can produce hair cells and form tissues while activating secondary hair follicle germ tissue. , Accurately and deeply activate each hair follicle to make the eyelashes get full nutrition, so that the eyelashes can grow naturally and healthily, more slender, more natural curling, thicker


  • No more sparse and short eyelashes
  • Helps to grow thick eyelashes
  • Strengthen eyelashes
  • Provide the nutrients needed for eyelashes growth
  • Can be used as mascara primer


  • Remove all eyes makeup and cleanse thoroughly.
  • Close your eyes and apply thin layer of Cavilla Lash Essence over your lashline.
  • Apply over your upper lashline once a night for the first week.
  • Increase usage to day & night over upper & lower lashline from the 2nd week onwards.
  • Monitor your lash growth by measuring them with the card provided. Take a before & after photos.

For more information about the products, you can read more at FAQs


Cavilla Hair Tonic uses a variety of rare herbs pristine, combined with Nano-technology to extract the effective ingredients in the drug, at the same time fully maintain the biological activity of the original drug, its effective active ingredients can play to expand the scalp capillary, promote scalp blood circulation, activate hair follicles, strengthen the hair roots of the solid; promote the growth of hair root and promote melanin synthesis, repair hair quality, nutrition, enhance hair elasticity, thoroughly remove the pores in the sebum deposition of the scale, inhibit hair loss, and promote hair growth.

  • 100% Authentic
  • USA Imported
  • SGS Internationally Certified


  • Hair loss problems
  • Sensitive/itchy scalp
  • Regrow receding hairline
  • Premature balding


    • Washing hair, as usual, can be used before or after hair wash. Avoid washing your hair within 3 hours after applying.
    • Use only on dry hair instead of wet hair.
    • After dripping, spread evenly with your fingers to promote better absorption
    • Gently massage the affected area for about 2-3 mins to allow it to fully absorb.
    • Use every morning and night.

    For more information about the products, you can read more at FAQs


    Water, Ethanol, Polygonum Multiflorum root, Platycladus orientalis leaves, Sesame seeds, Angelica root, Astragalus gummifer, Ginseng root, Ligusticum Chuanxiong, Propylene glycol, Panthenol.

    Cavilla Lash Essence lash growth serum
    Cavilla Lash Growth essence - grow natural brows and lashes
    Lash Growth Serum - activates hair follicles beautybellasingapore
    Cavilla hair tonic-Activates hair follicles