• "I always have maskne and breakout during my period. So ever since I started eating GLOW-LT+, I tried only toner, moisturizer and sunblock to see how GLOW-LT+ affects my skin. This month no breakout at all during my period and the maskne is being controlled!"


  • "I can see my lash got grow a bit.. I only use 1 week only but it is 1 line longer on the cavilla ruler"

    NV - cavilla lash essence user

  • "I have receding hair line but after using I think the "m shape" not so obv and some baby hair are growing"

    YJ - cavilla hair tonic user

  • "The lashes grew in 3 days. Ya but abit not like a lot but enough for me to notice.. Actually much better than the other high raved XLXXX. I was using but damn slow progress like barely."

    wx - cavilla lash essence user

  • "Fairer skin tone and less obvious mosquito bite marks after close to 2 weeks of Colleet Glow-LT+. Smoother feet and stubborn callus spot bump has flatten too!"


  • "I can see a bit of hair growth (baby hair) AND! I can feel the difference on my scalp. I really can't describle but it felt diff! I love it!"

    DH - Cavilla Hair tonic user

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