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Why did I choose Cavilla Lash Essence

I used to get eyebrow embroidery to give me the brows that I wanted as I had sparse eyebrows. However, it is incredibly high-maintenance, and I do not have the time and money for that.

After seeing the highly raved eyelash serum - Cavilla Lash Essence going around for quite some time, I decided to give it a try on my brows. I believe everyone will be so sceptical about such products (I had that mindset initially too). Hence, I went on to try it without hoping for any "good" results.

After a week of using the Cavilla Lash Essence, I decided to compare the before and after photos. I was shocked...My brows grew thicker and the hair on the ends could be seen. 

Cavilla Lash Essence - brows growth with lash growth serum

So what's so good about Cavilla Lash Essence?

Cavilla Lash Essence

It contains a variety of nutrients for growing lash & hair. It can produce hair cells and form tissues while activating secondary hair follicle germ tissue. , Accurately and deeply activate each hair follicle to make the eyelashes get full nutrition, so that the eyelashes can grow naturally and healthily, more slender, more natural curling, thicker

All the products are also SGS certified which means that it is completely safe to use. The ingredients are 100% natural and are imported from the USA.

Importance of Lash Essence

Many focus on their skincare and forgotten about lash care. They look for alternatives like eyelash extensions to "conceal" instead. However, without strong and healthy eyelashes, the eyelash extensions won't be able to last long. Once permanent damage is done, the hair follicle will stop growing.

By applying Cavilla lash essence, it allows your eyelashes to stay longer in each stage. The longer your eyelashes stay, the more nutrients they can absorb and your eyelashes will be able to grow longer, thicker and healthier.

Eyelash Growth Cycle


Growing phrase - It's important to use a lash serum during this phase to ensure lashes are fully nourished. This phrase usually lasts about 4 - 6 weeks.


Transition phase - Lashes have stopped growing but not ready to shed. If an eyelash is pulled out at this stage, the cycle will be disrupted and take a longer time to grow back. This phrase usually lasts about 2 - 3 weeks.


Resting phase - It's the final stage of the cycle. Lashes are prepared for shredding and renew the life cycle again. This phrase can last up to 3 months.

Anagen (Early Stage)

Start of growing phrase - The new life cycle begins again.