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6 Types of Hair Conditions

Are you facing hair loss, baldness and receding hairline? Are you wondering why is this happening to you? Let us share more with you the different types of hair conditions that many people are experiencing with. Alopecia Areata: Round patches of total hair loss, usually from the scalp. The cau...
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What you should know about Lash Growth Serum

Eyelash serums are the up and coming products on everyone’s lips. But how exactly can using an eyelash serum boost the appearance of your lashes? Let’s discover more ~ What is Lash Growth Serum? Lash serums are growth boosting formulas that stimulate lash growth. Serums work on improving the heal...
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Cavilla Hair Tonic l What ingredients does it contain?

Cavilla Hair Tonic is made from many prestigious herbs and combined with nanotechnology to ensure proper absorption. ⁣Cavilla Hair Tonic helps to solve hair loss problems, activate hair follicles, provide nutrients and promote blood circulation. This will further promote hair growth. Let's check ...
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Why did I choose Cavilla Lash Essence

I used to get eyebrow embroidery to give me the brows that I wanted as I had sparse eyebrows. However, it is incredibly high-maintenance, and I do not have the time and money for that. After seeing the highly raved eyelash serum - Cavilla Lash Essence going around for quite some time, I decided ...